The Masa Tool system consists of a cartridge and depending on requirements, a collet or an overgrip collet. The machine-specific cartridge is used as a collet sleeve for the collet and in combination are acting as a closed system. A modification of the machine for the implementation of the Masa Tool system is not necessary.
This system enables CNC machining from Ø0.22 – Ø10.0 mm. With the overgrip collet, a diameter difference of up to 4 mm on the workpiece can be overgripped, thus cycle times can be reduced. Through this system, the product variety on your machine can be expanded.

MASA TOOL Microconic Cartridges F25M10 - © Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge


The cartridge is installed in the spindle of the CNC lathe and is used as a collet sleeve. A modification of the machine is not necessary. The robust design of the cartridge ensures reliability and longevity in the most demanding production processes, while providing the highest precision. They are supplied with a long nose as standard so that tools and coolant have easy access to the workpiece. The cartridges are available for the draw-type collet systems and push-type (dead length) systems. Each cartridge is supplied with a face dial wrench.


The collets can be installed in any cartridge of the M10 series, for this reason the same collet can be used on different machines. The simple installation of the collets enables precise set-up and significantly reduces changeover times. The clamping force is set directly on the collet using the face dial wrench.

MASA TOOL Microconic Collets UM10 - © Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge
MASA TOOL Microconic Overgrip Collets UM10T - © Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge


The overgrip collets are used in the sub spindle when the diameter to be clamped is smaller than the diameter to be overgripped. With the overgrip collets, a diameter difference of up to 4 mm can be overgripped, thus reduces cycle time. As standard, they have a runout of less than 5µ and are always supplied with an ejection guide sleeve. The microconic overgrip collets are available in three versions.


The face dial wrench is included with the purchase of any cartridge and are used for precise set-up of the clamping force on the collets, as well as overgrip collets. The setting is kept by the cartridge and remains stable regardless of variations in the machine’s closing pressure. This procedure can be recorded and precisely repeated on another machine.

Overgrip collets are supplied with a brass ejection guide sleeve as standard. It prevents the workpiece from tipping in the collet due to the extreme opening of the overgrip collet. The ejection guide sleeve supports the workpiece and ejects it safely into the part catcher.

MASA TOOL Dial Wrench- © Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge